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Please send all inquires to to purchase a custom commission by Ramona.

Commission Specifications:

All images are in pencil if you want colors or inks there will be extra charge added to price.

11 x 17 Full body: US $60.00

11 x 17 Bust (waist up): US $35.00

8 x 10 Head Shot: US $20.00

Only one character, any additional character is $10.00 extra

Prices on Inked or Colored Pieces:

Inked: extra $10.00

Color: extra $10.00


Shipping and Handling:

US Only $5 shipping

Total payment required before work begins. (At this time I except paypal only. I will send an invoice of the total cost to the email you provide)

Artist shall have the right to refuse any kind of order if the content conflicts with his moral or artistic principles.

Delivery time may vary due to the artist schedule which should be respected and prioritized. ( I will notified when shipped)

Artist reserves the right to reproduce the art as long it doesn’t conflict an
y copyright.